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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine is where people come to look for information and solutions to do anything. SEO is optimize your website so that it will show up in higher rank of natural search result, where people’s trust and click rate is the highest. AUN started business here in the same year as Google; and we are a specialist in maximizing your rank.

Why SEO?

  • Never get lower rank than your competitor!
  • Increase the lead and sales volume
  • Lower the expense on advertising
  • Maximize visibility and build brand

SEO consists of analyzing 200 factors, which can be categorized to two elements; One is macro factor, the popularity of your website measured by number of links. The other is Micro, which is the internal structure and content of your website. We offer a balanced service on both aspect, and being one of the longest serving SEO company in Asia, our methodology is strong, white hat and secure.

Why SEO?
SEO company in Asia
PPC (Pay per Click)
Pay per Click

PPC is an advertising system on Search Result Page that we have to auction Keyword so that the advertisements are shown when searching on search engine. The position/ranking of advertisement depends on the auction value called CPC (Cost Per Click) which is the price paid to Search Engine when the advertisement is clicked.

Why PPC?

  • Quick to set up and getting response
  • Ideal for short-term promotion or startup
  • Control over your budget
  • Try many numbers of keywords

To be successful in PPC advertising, consulting by specialist is necessary. The specialist will help you manage the advertising in the most efficient way.

We can help you choose your keywords, draft the text of your ads, and monitor the success of your campaign. We provide ongoing consulting during the course of the campaign to make sure your ad stays cost-effective throughout its life.

Successful in PPC advertising
DSP (Demand Side Platform)
Demand Side Platform

DSP is a system that connects to multiple ad exchanges and other media suppliers. It optimize campaigns by advanced analysis of ad impression opportunities, real-time bidding and improved targeting.

We provide fully integrated reporting of campaign performance across multiple media suppliers and have a great coverage of networks.

EDM (Email Direct Marketing)

Email marketers may send email magazines and promotion emails through EDM marketing system. We make it easy for you to send and track your EDM marketing campaigns, and help you keep relationship with your customer and deliver cost-effective promotions.

Chat Apps

Messaging apps on smartphones have taken over emails as major communication methods both in private and business perspective. By utilizing this communication channel into your marketing, you can send direct messages, coupons etc to truly personalize and reach your messages.

Chat Apps